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Creative Tech In The Classroom

Find out about the benefits of the 3Doodler as an all-in-one educational tool in the classroom.

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Elementary School Case Study

See Oletha's classroom use the 3Doodler Start to learn about how fossils form and the structure of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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High School Case Study

Watch how Blair used the 3Doodler Create+ with his students to build catapults and roller coasters, to see projectile motion in action.

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How are teachers using 3Doodler?


Whether you are teaching science, technology, engineering, math or any cross-curricular combination, the 3Doodler can be used to instantly add an element of arts and design as a complement to technical skills.

Tactile Learning

Students who have trouble grasping abstract concepts can touch and feel the results of a quick three-dimensional build to get a feel of an object in real space. Create visual aids or add a new dimension to existing objects.

Prototyping & Invention

Students can take ideas from their brains to the real world in no time. The 3Doodler allows anyone to create objects and solve problems with no complicated design software.

Computational Thinking

Students can learn to break down complex problems and objects into simpler shapes and designs, then Doodle the parts together to create a larger system. 3Doodling brings a physical element to teaching concepts fundamental to computer science.

Arts & Design

We believe anyone who employs "thought and craft"—who both thinks and makes—is creative. Doodling inherently adds a creative, artistic element to all projects. And everyone has their own style, like everyone has their own handwriting.

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