We last spoke to Erica Grey in November, after she had recently finished pieces for the World of WearableArt Show. Her 3Doodled wearable sculptures were such a hit that her Crystal Matrix went on to win the 2015 3Doodler Fashion Award! Today we're excited to catch up with Erica to celebrate her success, as well as discuss her latest project. It was made near the end of last year using the 3Doodler and ABS plastic in combination with other materials to create a masked headpiece and torso section. Titled Forms Organic, this latest wearable sculpture is a bespoke one-of-a-kind artwork. Inspired by organic figures and animalistic imagery, expressed using a skeletal structure, tails, teeth and claw-like elements!

3Doodler: How much time went into creating Forms Organic?

Erica Gray: "It took a few weeks to produce, I had a model booked and a deadline to work towards which helped me really focus. While my work is essentially art based, Forms Organic is also a wearable piece, which meant it took a little longer getting the intricacies of the fit right for a moving subject."

Forms Organic Wearable Sculpture 3Doodler Fashion in Progress
Forms Organic Wearable Sculpture 3Doodler Fashion Side Shot
3D: What were some of the more significant steps in its construction?

EG: "I usually pre-select the elements I want utilised within the piece, such as the polymer teeth, claws and nylon tail ….which I also sculpt from scratch. The main bulk of the piece is then 3Doodled around, through, or within those elements. I used roughly sketched stencils for some of the joins, and once those parts were ready I just assembled the form, building up layers of filament over select areas to exaggerate and construct the skeletal ridges."

3D: Do you work from sketches or freehand?

EG: "I usually work from sketches, however in this case I just let it evolve; once I had all of the components I then simply joined them to each other. My sculpted works are often themed on organic forms and animalistic imagery, and this piece captures those fluid forms as well as some more rigid skeletal sections."

Forms Organic Wearable Sculpture 3Doodler Fashion Left Side Shot
3D: Any plans to feature this piece in any shows?

EG: "Always! Most of my works are designed for one form of show or another, whether it’s fashion based, art based or a mixture of both. There is a specific show Forms Organic is geared for, though I can’t mention which one at this stage..."

3D: Are you planning on producing any accessories in the future?

EG: "I usually produce a wearable pieces that stand as a whole, encompassing any accessories as a part of it’s whole. Saying that, while I am not actively pursuing accessories as a direction it does have me intrigued. The idea would be to design individually stylised, fluid Plastic pieces for arms, legs, shoes, collars… Art as accessories."

Forms Organic Wearable Sculpture 3Doodler Fashion Model Front Side Shot
Forms Organic Wearable Sculpture 3Doodler Fashion Model Side Shot
3D: Where do you see your freehand 3D printing designs going next?

EG: "I’m interested in incorporating a mixture of freehand and machine printed pieces into some of my future works. Although freehand printing is predominantly more my style (as my work is more about the handmade, bespoke), one of a kind aesthetic.…the juxtaposition of structured componentry and the loose freehand form combination sounds intriguing and definitely worth further investigation."

3D: Congrats on the 3Doodler Award win! Now that you have ALL the plastic colors, are you imagining future projects that you might not have considered before?

EG: "Yes absolutely, which is a bit unusual for me as I tend to stick to a limited colour pallet. However, recently I have been imagining all manner of multi-coloured forms, and while I’m currently working on a sculpture piece that is predominantly black, some vibrant new colours have started to peek through….so watch this space!"

2015 3Doodler Fashion Award Prize Winner - Crystal Matrix by Erica Gray

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