It's been over a year since our first Community Spotlight with Rachel Goldsmith, in which we were introduced to her concept of Painting In Plastic. What a busy year it's been for her too, full of all kinds of new work and techniques. Rachel went on to win the 2015 3Doodler Artist Award as well as presenting one of her pieces to former President Bill Clinton! If anyone has led the way for 3Doodler in the world of Fine Art, it's Rachel Goldsmith. We're so happy to have a chance to catch up with her and hear all about it.

3Doodler Kelp Forest
3Doodler: It's been a while since we last spoke, what's new in your creative landscape?

Rachel Goldsmith: "I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since then. Not only is this still a relatively new medium, but I’m at the cusp of the wave in utilizing it in general, as well as in fine art specifically. I have spent the last few years experimenting, developing and now refining an arsenal of techniques that I can employ to create fine art. I've been using a technique a lot which I call "Anchor Pull". This is when I use the pen to make an anchor, and then drag the melted plastic to create long webs in layers. You can see this in my Kelp series, my Webs, and my Squares series, as well as my more recent Triangles."

3D: Gold leaf seems to be a new mixed media element, when did you start incorporating it?

RG: "I started incorporating gold leaf on my second or 3rd Painting with Plastic in 2014. The PLA color palate at the time was still very limited and I was not happy with how the colors looked on one of my pieces. So I spray-painted the whole thing gold with a few color accents and then added gold leaf in some areas in order to change the way the light reflects off the piece."

Gold Leaf 3Doodler Art
3Doodler Inspiration LED
3D: I noticed a lot of your inspirational images focus on leaves, vines and organic textures - would you say they are some of the bigger themes in your work?

RG: "The only other I would say is water. The amazing thing that I have noticed is now, when I’m out and about, I notice things that look like my artwork, as opposed to creating artwork that looks like the things I see. It has both come full circle and has become fluid - the inspiration is going both ways. "

3D: What was it like meeting former President Clinton? Did he like the 3Doodled Flower?

RG: "It was slightly overwhelming because of the size of the crowd. At the time he said he liked the flower and then went on to talk about 3D printing being done by children at his library in Arkansas. It was just mesmerized by the scene!"

3Doodled Flower Bill Clinton with 3Doodler Flower
3Doodler Awards Red Shell
3D: Really love your latest 'bubbles' piece - what goes into making those forms?

RG: "It involves putting them in an oven and then applying heat as you usually would. I used this technique (combined with my "Anchor Pull" technique) for the Red Shell. It was the first finished piece that I made with this technique. I heat the oven to 425 degrees°F and place the plastic on tin foil to "bake" for about 5 minutes. If it is in for longer it will bubble, which is sometimes the goal, but not always!

For my most recent use of this technique, I extruded circles… a lot of circles... and then more circles. I heated them in the oven and then used a heat gun to collage them together. This was a very cyclical and long process. The piece is called Under the ‘Hey Now’. "Hey Now" is the name of the scuba-diving boat that I dove from right before I began this piece."

Check out more of Rachel's work at her homepage, and of course follow her on Instagram at @artistrachelg.