It has been an exciting year for 3Doodler, with creativity in areas we never would have imagined. Some of the most inspiring and ambitious Doodles we have seen have come from the fashion industry. Artists and designers have discovered the versatility the 3Doodler can lend to their craft, using their creative talents to create diverse new pieces.

In the spirit of Fashion Month (yes, this month!), we're excited to look back at what's been emerging in the world of "3Doodled Fashion" in the past year. So without further ado, here's our 2015 3Doodler Fashion Review!

Fashion Forward

With our community raising the bar to an all time high, we couldn't start fashion month without our own creative contribution. To kick things off, we decided to 3Doodle a dress entirely out of our new FLEXY plastic. The FLEXY material is perfect for clothing: flexible, stretchy and extremely durable.

Inspired by Taylor Swift's famous crop tops, our design team worked tirelessly to create an outfit that's not only stylish, but comfortable and can 'move' with your body (as you can see from the picture to the right). Check out this full feature piece showing how the dress was made; all the way from sketches to photoshoot!

On to the Runway


3Doodler on the Catwalk

Amanda Sekulow of Nashville, Tennessee, added 3Doodled touches to her graduation collection, “Melt Into Spring”. These 3Doodled designs floated down the catwalk, turning heads in their wake! Her final showstopper, featuring 85 3Doodled flowers and 119 crystals, took over 100 hours to complete. Read more here.


Technical Evening Wear

The very talented Kitty Wong, from Hong Kong, recently graduated from Polytechnic University after creating a series of 3Doodled fashion masterpieces. Kitty's interest in fashion sprung from her art and graphic design roots, so it’s no surprise her garments ended up exploring the technical side of fashion Doodling.

Kitty's dresses have been worn by top music artists and and models on TV, as well as at other media events. Her work is focussed on the relationship between the natural and the digital, with 3Doodled embellishments specifically used to create eye-catching textures and shapes.

The Famous Seashell Dress

We always imagined the 3Doodler would make some kind of foray into fashion design, but SHIGO (a fashion house duo) quickly showed us how amazing the results of this could be.

SHIGO's challenge was to create a dress based on seashells, weaving the shapes together with the 3Doodler to create the final piece. The dress is ‘split’ at the sides, with buckles, allowing it to slip on like a coat of armour. Truly a headline grabbing masterpiece.

Read more here.

Dress to Impress

SHIGO's experimentation with the 3Doodler didn't stop there. They recently launched their SPRING/SUMMER 2016 collection - owning your own 3Doodled threads is just a season away!

Experimental Concepts



Brainocytes: Humans + Technology in Fashion

While the use of conventional 3D printers isn't new to fashion, Adrianna Restrepo prefers to fabricate using her 3Doodler. In line with her creative philosophy and hands on approach, the 3Doodler provides a more personal element for her work.

According to her interview with, in her project Brainocytes, Adriana explored the relationship between humans and technology in fashion, building on the possibilities available when 3D printing technology is used together with manual craftsmanship.

Adrianna treats the 3Doodler as a paintbrush, executing very textural, organic, and sometimes alien-­like designs. Adrianna makes organic-form drawings based on medical textbooks; she then digitally alters them to create stencils for the 3Doodled objects she makes.


Dresses Galore

Fashion students from all ends of the spectrum are now trying their hand with this new medium. To the left is a picture of Robyn Purvis' final project, a dress made almost entirely with the 3Doodler.


Making It Look Easy

When it comes to 3Doodler projects, some artists manage to dazzle with not only their intense intricacy, but also the speed and ease with which they create. Esra Oguz came up with this "rainbow sun" dress in under four hours, with no prior planning, while simultaneously manning the 3Doodler stand at GITEX in Dubai!


Subtle Augmentation

Based in Oakville, Canada, Lesley Hampton’s work uses the 3Doodler to augment current fashion techniques in subtle yet effective ways. Her project “Marrow” features ethereal "spines", each Doodled directly onto the fringe of a piece of sheer fabric.


A FLEXY Kinda Tuxedo

Back in January, at CES in Las Vegas, our very own Maxwell Bogue created an entire tuxedo jacket using our Black FLEXY strands, allowing for previously unimagined versatility. Max also put our flat nozzle, from the 3Doodler Nozzle Set to good use.

With what must have been considerable patience, Max made the jacket in the time it took to watch an entire season of American Horror Story.



Grace's polygonal Jewellery

Grace Du Prez is no stranger to the 3Doodler Community. Before creating a duet of beautiful decorative lamp shades for us, Grace designed these stunning jewellery pieces which dazzled the crowds at CES Las Vegas!



Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot

The necklace shown above was not Grace Du Prez's first 3Doodled masterpiece. She initially caught our attention with her amazing Peacock Hat for Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot. We were shocked when we discovered that this amazing creation was her very first 3Doodled project!

The Peacock Hat took around 60 hours to create, and was completed in under a week! The hat was made up of three different size feathers, each using three colours, taking around 15-30 minutes to Doodle per feather.



Shock Absorbant High-Heel Shoes

The 3Doodler made further waves this year when origami artist Kade Chan used the pen to create a shock absorbent high-heeled shoe. Instead of using a scan or a model of a foot, the body of the shoe was built around the foot itself using the 3Doodler.

The 3Doodled bodywork was then added to a shoe sole, and the shoe sole then modified by adding a shock absorbing heel of Kade's own design. This is truly a case of art and technology merging to create a stunning finished product.


Don't Leave Home Without Your Doodled LV Bag!

Pam Perrelet just couldn't wait a moment longer for that coveted Louis Vuitton bag, so she went ahead and 3Doodled her own, carefully mimicking the signature brown checkered LV design. Now that looks pretty original to us!

We hope you've enjoyed this amazing review of 3Doodled fashion and are looking forward to what comes next.

If you've made something fashion inspired with your 3Doodler we'd love to see it! And if you haven't gotten around to it yet, this month is Fashion Month, which means we'll be having some exciting Doodle-Off contests to get you started.

Thanks to all the artists and designers for your amazing contributions!

#WhatWillYouCreate for Fashion Month?