Erica Gray is an artist based in Queensland, Australia who works in a variety of mediums including painting, stitched textiles, wearable art and soft sculpture. She received her original 3Doodler as one of our early Kickstarter backers, but ended up putting it on the back-burner. It wasn't until the release of the 3Doodler 2.0 that Erica became interested in producing wearable sculpture pieces with the pen. This resulted in the most breathtaking pair of "first Doodle" projects we've seen yet.

We're thrilled to showcase them in this week's community spotlight:

3Doodler: When did you first pick up a 3Doodler and what was your first project?

Erica Gray: "We bought our 3Doodler when it was first listed on Kickstarter and sometime later it came and we excitedly opened the box, had a quick play, then I packed it away and forgot about it for a year or so. However I was thinking about utilising it for a wearable sculpture piece and by the time the 2nd generation pen was listed on Kickstarter, I ordered another new pen so I would have a back-up before starting on my designs.

Infinity and Crystal Matrix were my first projects utilising the 3Doodler. Just making a start on something is always a good way to learn and I picked up my technique as I went along. I created these pieces for an entry into the World of WearableArt Show, the finished deadline for which was late April 2015."

Erica Gray Blackbird Feather

"Blackbird feather headpiece"
Erica's entry for the upcoming 2015 3Doodler Awards

3Doodler Crystal Matrix Studio Shot

"Crystal Matrix"
Erica Gray 2015 World of WearableArt

3D: How long did Crystal Matrix take to make?

EG: "I worked on this piece over a few months, often working full days and weekends. I normally work on a couple of projects at the same time, switching between the two to break up the production stages so I don’t get bored, especially with the repetitious sections."

3D: What was the design process like?

EG: "Originally starting from simple sketches, I usually map out a plan of action as well as sort out any connecting components before making a start. I worked on the torso section first, as it was the largest piece, before continuing onto the other sections. Crystal Matrix is made up of 5 separate parts in total, including the shoes. I find sectioning larger works into smaller sections makes then much more manageable."

3Doodler Crystal Matrix Progress
3Doodler Erica Gray Necklace
3D: What do you like or dislike about the 3Doodler as a medium in your work?

EG: "I love working in plastic, it’s so lightweight and unbound by conventional structural constraints. It also melts together easily and can produce pretty much any imagined shape, which makes it perfect for lots of different creative design applications.

As for the 3Doodler itself, I’m used to working with the original pen, however the narrower body and the ‘Continuous Flow’ setting are great additions on the new 2.0 design."

3D: Do you have plans to incorporate the 3Doodler in upcoming projects?

EG: "I enjoy making these fashion and sculpture pieces. Since returning home from the World of Wearable Art show I have added new pieces to what I hope will be a growing collection of wearable sculpture."

3Doodler Infinity By Erica Gray

Stay tuned for further work from Erica by visiting her homepage.

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