We've been hinting for a while that there will be some secret feature additions to your 3Doodlers. We're now thrilled to announce what we hope will be the first of many enhancements to the world's first 3D printing pen!

1. A protective silicone tip cover which will protect your fingers from most of the heated extruder, addressing a number of safety concerns.

2. A mounting area built into the back of the pen, allowing any hardcore maker to connect their 3Doodler to a CNC arm, a Lego Mindstorm or anything else your imagination can come up with - effectively adding to the 3Doodler's 3D printing capabilities.

3. A three-pin control port for the speed buttons, which can be used to control extrusion without actually touching the 3Doodler. We'll be providing guidance on how to use this in due course.

The first pens will be shipping in the next few days! We've already been in touch with our Early Bird backers to get up to date shipping addresses, so please keep an eye out for any messages from us as your shipping date draws closer.

The 3Doodler Team

3Doodler Mount


3Doodler Back