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What a whirlwind few weeks we’ve had at 3Doodler!

When MoMA first approached us two months ago about being featured in their Design Store window displays in New York City, we were thrilled. After all, we’ve never done anything quite like this before. Here’s a behind the scenes peek at how it all came together. Despite the crazy late nights and all that running around, I’m sure I speak for the whole team when I say we’d do it all again in a heartbeat!


Time was a major factor for us: we only had 60 days to dream up a concept, get the displays built, and install them at both the 53rd Street and Soho Design Stores. Our aim? To showcase the accessibility, simplicity and creative potential of the 3Doodler. Our early sketches evolved as we went through several rounds of late night brainstorming, refining and improving with each version. We worked off of this final rough sketch as we then raced to get everything built in time:


soho-window-dimensions_FINALThe wave that traverses the window is meant to represent an extruded doodle coming from a 3Doodler (on the far right), and the lines in the back are giant strands of plastic filament. Each section corresponds to a use-case for the 3Doodler (Build, Design, Teach and Play), and contains a “hero” piece or two… otherwise known as giant ~ 2 ft doodles. More on that later!

Building the display

We were lucky enough to find an extremely capable partner in Chad Lynch and his team at Heywood Productions in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They helped every step of the way, welcoming Max and me with heartwarming hospitality and the moxie to help us bring our vision to life!

The waves are made from laminated wood and coated with several layers of shiny white plastic:

Wave 3

Paint wave

Wave image

Wave 2

The background tubes are painted PVC pipes, and the giant 3Doodler tip was made using foam and wood, and then coated with resin and paint.

IMG_0419 copy

IMG_0390 copy

IMG_0429 copy

The giant 3Doodlers in progress; they got painted later and rubber buttons were glued on

We spray-painted the wooden tips gold to mimic the actual (very hot) metal tip of the 3Doodler. We loved the result!

We spray-painted the wooden tips gold to mimic the actual (very hot) metal tip of the 3Doodler. We loved the result!


This is where all those sleepless nights come in. We were lucky enough to have some of our hero pieces ready to go (Pete and Faraz had made the tri-plane and the ferris wheel a few months back), and we enlisted the help of some talented artists for a few of the other pieces. Still, all of us wound up making at least one of the hero pieces … Some (ahem, most) at the last minute. Cue the buckets of coffee and crazy antics. I’ll save the details for another time, as frankly each hero piece deserves its own profile, but know this: we slept little, toiled lots, found our groove, and survived to tell the tale.

Dan's awesome 3Doodled boat!

Dan's awesome 3Doodled boat!

Faraz's amazing 3Doodled lamp shade!

Faraz's amazing 3Doodled lamp shade!

Max hard at work building the Brooklyn Bridge (we won’t say just how long it took):

Max building the bridge

Brooklyn Bridge copy

The Solar System...

The eye of Jupiter

The eye of Jupiter

The first two took the longest as we figured out the best ways to make spheres

The first two took the longest as we figured out the best ways to make spheres

Catching a few hours of rest

Catching a few hours of rest

Solar system – complete!

Solar system – complete!

Installation (x2)

After all that, actually installing everything was the easy part. It mostly involved lots of standing around outside the MoMA Design Store windows, miming, pointing, and trying not to appear crazy to the tourists milling around. Oh, and snapping inadvertent selfies thanks to the crazy glare/reflection on the windows.

IMG_2161 copy

box o'doodles

IMG_5110 copy

Rachel Goldsmith is our incredible artist behind the Metamorphosis Lamp!

Rachel Goldsmith, the incredible artist behind the Metamorphosis Lamp

We hope you enjoy the photos (or better yet, the actual windows) as much as we enjoyed creating them! If you’re in the NYC area over the next two weeks, please come by and see our doodles in action:

44 West 53 Street, NYC
Across the museum, between 5th and 6th Avenues


81 Spring Street, NYC
Between Crosby and Broadway

A special thanks to Chad and his team, to Rachel Goldsmith and to Louis DeRossa, as well as to the design students from USC Roski for all of their help.

We’ll also be live demoing the 3Doodler at the stores the weekends of May 3rd/4th and May 10th/11th (Mother’s Day weekend), so do come and say hi!

Your turn: I challenge you all to build some even crazier 3Doodled creations #WhatWillYouCreate?