When we invented the 3Doodler we imagined all kinds of uses for it. Truth be told though, what we imagined became irrelevant within hours of launching. From useful day to day applications (DIY, model making) to the sublime and super niche (contact lenses!?, decorating pipework), you flooded us with your ideas. That momentum has never stopped, and our website and social channels are now jam packed with projects, photos, and posts created by or inspired by you!

To keep that momentum going we came up with the "Doodle-Off" (inspired by an after hours "Doodle a Vespa" contest in the 3Doodler office). These themed contests happen every two weeks on Facebook and Instagram and have spurred some incredible creations. We've also discovered some great artists amidst these challenges.

So we asked ourselves: "What would happen if we gave our Community that much longer to create their masterpieces? Opened this up to everyone, not just folks chancing upon our social media channels at the right moment when their feed shows our posts? Found judges from the tech and design world to assess the entries? And offered some awesome prizes to boot?"

Introducing the 3Doodler Awards

The Awards were announced just last week, and we're already seeing some amazing creations, as well as hearing from hugely talented individuals who we had never met before (thank you for entering!).

Themed around eight exciting categories, including wildlife, fashion, mixed media and interior design, we've tried to make these awards fun and challenging as possible. The prizes are pretty awesome too, with over US$7,000 of 3Doodler booty up for grabs.

We've also introduced an EDU Award in honour of the leaps our Community have been making with the 3Doodler in education, with the winner having the option of an EDU Bundle worth US$1,000 for their school.

As we said when we announced the Awards: Come One, Come All. It's time to Doodle! No matter what your level of skill or talent, we want to see what you can do, as well as share it with our community. This is about celebrating our Community and your never-ending creativity.

Click here for entry details - to be a part of this you just need to complete a simple form and upload your image.

Enter Now!


- The 3Doodler Team