Barbie and Ken waiting for their photoshoot

"My dad used to travel a lot when I was younger, and as souvenirs he would bring me Barbie dolls from all over the world."

All of them looked exactly the same, save for the differences in clothing. It was frustrating because I was never content with the outfits that came with my Barbie dolls. If I had a 3Doodler back then, the possibilities for customizing their outfits to my own personal style would have been endless!

You'll Need:

  • Your 3Doodler (v.1 or 2.0)
  • A bunch of 3Doodler plastic strands (mostly Flexy, so go get the new colors!)
  • A Barbie and/or Ken doll
  • Masking Tape
  • Velcro Strips
  • Fabric (preferably something light and sheer)
  • Scissors
  • Top Tip: We used mostly FLEXY plastic when Doodling these outfits. The bendable FLEXY material enables movement, making removal of the outfits easier (and allowing movement of Barbie's limbs while wearing them). For other parts of the outfits, like the accessories, you may want to use stiffer plastics, like ABS and PLA.


Step 1: Tape it

Tape the body of the doll using masking tape, then go ahead and Doodle your new dress directly onto Barbie's taped body. This method ensures that the outfit fits Barbie perfectly, as well as protecting her from being melted by the tip of the 3Doodler.

Step 2: Start Doodling

Simply apply a little bit of downward pressure when Doodling on to the masking tape, which will help the plastic grip to Barbie's body. Doodling in tight straight lines next to each other will keep the outfit looking clean. If you make a mistake you can simply peel off any unwanted plastic and start again (or Doodle over it).

Step 3: Not too Tight!

Remember not to seal up the Doodled clothing at the back (not all girls insist on being zipped up!). You probably want Barbie's new clothing to be removable, so she'll need a little bit of breathing space.

To make easy removal possible, get hold of some velcro strips, trim them to size with your scissors, and apply them to the two adjoining areas at the back of Barbie's new clothes.

Step 4: Doodling the Skirt

Draw a circle on a piece of paper, making sure the circle has a hole in the middle.

The radius of the circle determines how long Barbie's skirt will be, and the hole in the middle needs to match Barbie's waist size (as this is where the skirt will wrap around her body).

Start filling in the circle, making sure to leave a small small slice unfilled (as shown in the picture to the left).

Step 5: Add Flair and bounce

Lay the skirt on a flat surface while attaching it to the bottom of Barbie's new top. This method will give the skirt a stunning flair and make it look bouncy when Barbie finally puts it on.

Step 6: Final touches

Last but not least, feel free to add any other details, for example slits, studs, or even try using different materials, like the sheer fabric we used in the photo to the left.


Step 1: Start With the pieces

Similar to Barbie, we used masking tape to cover Ken's body. We Doodled Ken's jacket in separate parts, starting with the big pieces like the body and arms. This was done by Doodling directly onto the masking tape, ensuring the jacket fit perfectly. Use the same back and forth technique that we used for Barbie's outfit to Doodle tight straight lines.

When it's time to connect the pieces of the suit, hold them all together and join them by Doodling along the "seam" lines.

Step 2: Pants - Thin it out

Doodle the parts of Ken's pants on a flat surface, creating a rectangle for each pant leg. Once complete, roll the "fabric" around the leg and join the seams while they are on Ken's legs. It's crucial that you make the layer thin enough so that the "fabric" is easy enough to wrap around Ken's legs. Once wrapped, simply Doodle the edges together.

Be sure to keep Ken's pants snug, as he only wears skinny fit, plus it will help stop his pants from falling off. If in doubt, Doodle him some briefs too.

Step 3: Go crazy with The details

When it comes to Ken, nothing but the best in Doodled tailoring will do! Add details to his outfit, including a jacket collar and buttons, a bow tie, some frills for his shirt, some stunning cufflinks from Barneys, or even monogrammed initials...

Saville Row, eat your heart out!

Keep all these steps in mind when working on new outfits, and you'll be sure to create some fantastic fresh looks for this fashionable duo!

"Barbie, you're so photogenic!"

Barbie being a bit of a diva: "Ken, please get me a coffee... Like NOW"

Barbie's weekend side project