A few weeks before our Kickstarter launched we were brainstorming how to show backers the artistic potential of 3Doodler. It occurred to us that wire art was a very close parallel, at least in look and feel, to 3Doodling. So we scoured the web and came across some truly talented wire artists on Etsy. After browsing their work and figuring out how to explain 3Doodler to them, we dropped them a line, which read a little like this:

“We're about to release a 3D drawing pen (called 3Doodler). Think wire-art but using plastic, and produced by a handheld pen that allows for freestyle creation.”

That was enough to grab their attention, and to quote Ruth Jensen “Who could resist such a wild idea?”

Many emails and Skype chats later we were good to go! Ruth, Bud, Ele and Ecco all agreed to produce work for our backers, allowing us to offer some unique and arty backing levels.

Eight months later our artists are armed with their 3Doodlers, and the pieces they are creating have blown our minds.

But first a little about Ruth…

Ruth Jensen is based in Saint Paul, MN. And to quote her Etsy profile, she is enthralled by wire. “It's perfect for revealing the extraordinary beauty and transience of "ordinary" things… My pieces are meant to intrigue and delight you.”

Ruth also had the following pearls of wisdom for our soon to be 3Doodling backers:

Use various objects as forms by covering them with wet heavyweight paper (cardstock); let the paper dry in place before doodling on it. Don't do this on items that would be harmed by water!

And instead of creating flat 3Doodles on paper you can use wood. The plastic sticks well but also peels off easily, and there are no issues with the paper curling or tearing.

Based on her Miniature Copper Wire Garden Swing, Ruth has created a real moving mini swing for some of our backers:


This vibrant garden gateway for a number of others:


As well as this stunning Leaky Faucet, crafted out of PLA:

Leaky-tap Blog

Thanks Ruth! It’s amazing to think we started this journey with you eight months ago and now you’re 3Doodling up a storm.

The 3Doodler Team