There are always mixed emotions when heading back to school; excited to buy new school supplies, yet sad because summer is over and we're back to books and studying. There is also the excitement of getting the latest fashionable school stuff, like bags, pencil cases, purses, wallets, and then personalizing them with other materials to make them look unique. Well, we've found a new way to take "unique" to the next level! Anya Hindmarch's Sticker Collection inspired one of our community members, Cornelia, to create Doodled badges with her 3Doodler. Maybe going back to school won't be so bad after all?

Scroll down to see the different badge stencils and the best ways to stick them to your bags!

You'll Need:

  • Your 3Doodler (v.1 or 2.0)
  • A bunch of assorted color 3Doodler plastic strands
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • A Hot Glue Gun
  • Brooch Needles/Badge Pins


Best ways to stick

These badges are really easy to create. Like all of our stencils, simply print them out and Doodle/color them in. Once you're happy with the finished piece all you need to do is stick it to your bag.

There are several ways to make your Doodle into a sticker, badge or brooch:

If you want your Doodled badge to stick to leather (artificial or genuine), or a similar surface; stick some double-sided adhesive tape to the back of your Doodle and then place it on your purse or bag. For a more "bag hugging" look, it's best to use our bendable FLEXY plastic.

If you would rather wear your Doodled badge on cloth (denim, cotton, wool, linen or any artificial textiles), we suggest you use a brooch needle or a badge pin. Stick your Doodled badge to the back of the pin clasp and use hot glue gun to stick them together. Leave it to set... and pin it!

Now your turn! Please share your Doodled badges with us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Few close ups