We first came across LEGO Education at SXSWedu in March 2015. Inspired by the huge impact they are making in education, we challenged our EDU team to see what would happen when we combined the world's first 3D printing pen with the world's favourite building blocks. We wanted to use LEGO to quickly construct larger structures, and then use the 3Doodler as the perfect tool to create moving and flexible parts, as well as for augmenting the larger structure.

After a few days of *hard work* (and some amusing fails - a 3Doodler + LEGO parachute?) the team emerged from their mountain of bricks and Doodles with five epic challenges to get any classroom buzzing!

3Doodler X LEGO Challenges:

These challenges are specifically designed as fun, hands-on additions to your STEM (or STE(A)M) curriculum. Quick and easy to read (yes, one page only!), we have included a series of useful Learning Points, some Advanced Challenges for all those LEGO experts, and a host of Reference Materials to get even more out of your lessons.

Please send us photos of your 3Doodler + LEGO creations, and we welcome you to send us suggestions for our next five challenges!


The 3Doodler EDU Team