Most 3D printed concept dresses look fantastic but are not very practical. We challenged our talented design team to create a stunning outfit that was functional too: something you can wear, wash and zip up - just like any of your other clothes..

"...something you can wear, wash and zip up"

After 30 hours, 150 strands of FLEXY plastic, and half a meter of fabric, we're proud to reveal the 3Doodler Kaleidoscope dress - finally a 3Doodled outfit you can actually wear!

Similar to most fashion designers, our concept started off with sketches. The team came up with a handful of drawings for varying dress styles. Since this outfit needed to be functional, we decided to keep it simple by creating a crop top and a skirt.

We also put our new FLEXY plastic to good use, ensure the dress could "move" with the body of the person wearing it. We needed a material that would be similar to regular clothing, and in lieu of being able to Doodle in cotton (yet!), FLEXY was the obvious choice. It's flexible (hence the name) which makes it extremely easy to put on and remove without it tearing or cracking. It also fuses well with fabrics and zippers, making it extremely easy to work with.

Similar to the techniques used in the now famous 3Doodled Sea Shell, once the individual patterns were finalized we simply printed them out and taped them onto the mannequin, guaranteeing consistency and fit throughout the piece.

Our favorite part of the outfit was the skirt - we wanted to convey motion in the skirt as someone walked in it. FLEXY was perfect for this! We first created flat feathers and then attached them to the waist of the skirt, allowing them to hang freely. With a simple move of the hips or a runway-esque twirl, you can see the feathers take flight. Where's Shakira when you need her?