Thank you all for your feedback!

Firstly, the Hall of Fame is back up, apologies for the downtime. We should be able to handle the traffic now! But on to the plastic...

There was strong demand for Glow in the Dark plastic, as well as a lot of requests for Fluorescents (and from our PLA backers, translucent plastics). For anyone clamouring for conductive plastics, we haven't yet tested these with the 3Doodler, but please note the comments about conductive paint, which can be used as a good work-around.

So what's it gonna be?

ALL backers of a 3Doodler pen will be getting a special bonus pack of 25 strands of plastic. The pack will include a sampling of Glow in the Dark (x5 strands) as well as a variety of Fluorescents for our ABS backers (x20 strands) and some translucent plastics for our PLA backers (x20 strands).

In short, that's a mini set of Glow in the Dark AND an extra 20 strands to play around with. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

We have included an image below showing the plastic quantities and colors that each backing level will be getting.

#3DoodlerLove from The 3Doodler Team

A few footnotes for you all:

  • We will send a separate update regarding the exact colour mixes for the bonus pack soon (as well as pictures), but rest assured they will look great!
  • Why only five strands of Glow? As well as being a "mini-pack", we felt this was enough to test the material and see if it is all you hoped for. We also sought to give everyone more value per pack overall, as well as a sampling of more colour options.
  • Translucent filament is generally not available in ABS, and we have assumed that a lot of our PLA backers specifically chose PLA in order to use translucent filament.
  • You cannot change your ABS/PLA selection at this stage. The logistics involved require us to stay locked on your current choice. However, we will be releasing additional plastics for pre-order on our e-store within the next two months.
  • Finally, $50 and $75 backers, a number of you have asked if it's possible to upgrade your plastics quantity to the $99 level. We are looking into this with our suppliers and will get back to you soon.