Community Spotlight on Rachel Goldsmith


The very first public exhibition of 3Doodled work has just gone on display in Long Island City, NY. This marks an amazing milestone for 3Doodler, and of course for the artist behind the exhibit, Rachel Goldsmith. A collection of her work, aptly named “Tracks”, will be on display until February 7, 2015 at Matted LIC gallery, with a 3Doodler demonstration tomorrow, December 6th from 1 to 4pm. Below is a Community Spotlight on the artist herself!

I first met Rachel earlier this year while the 3Doodler team was scrambling to get ready for our debut in MoMA's design store windows. We didn't know that much about her at first: just that she was a Brooklyn-based artist who used the 3Doodler on canvas, who’d graciously agreed to Doodle a lamp for the displays.

3Doodled Lamp

Then I went to New York and saw the final product. The Metamorphosis Lamp blew me away, but not as much as its creator did -- it wasn't long at all before Rachel became a good friend. That’s how we do it at 3Doodler, building a community, one international friendship at a time!

In person, Rachel’s a whirlwind of life and laughter, and her artwork is detailed and brimming with energy. There’s something almost scientific about it too, which isn’t surprising since nature is a major influence in all her art, no matter what medium she uses or how many dimensions it stretches into. Watching her 3Doodle is, well, downright hypnotic; she is exacting and meticulous while unafraid of taking a wild leap off the beaten path when another flash of inspiration strikes.


In a way, the 3Doodler helps push Rachel’s artistic limits, too. Here's the thing about doodling: You can never completely predict how melted plastic will act when you layer it on canvas or paint colourful curlicues in the air with it. Sometimes Rachel lashes it into shape, controlling its form with a precise, steady hand, but she also lets the PLA flow naturally, reacting and adjusting as its meandering motion takes her art in new directions.

I was lucky enough to hang out at her studio for a few weeks this fall, so I got to see her process up close and personal.  She worked on a few pieces while I was around, and it was clear right off the bat that her pieces evolve in a very organic way. Case in point: When I first saw what eventually became my favourite piece, Frankenstein, it was still 3-toned and stretched horizontally for about six feet - I really wasn’t wild about it!


However, over the course of a few weeks, it was folded, ironed, molded, cut, flipped and formed into a wondrous leaf-like piece made of PLA, copper leaf and brass foil. I was in love. Sometimes there’s just no predicting the end result: Doodling is, at its finest, endless experimentation.


The photos of Rachel’s pieces are stunning, but there’s just no substitute for seeing, touching and experiencing them first-hand. Her pieces beg to be explored and savoured, so be sure to go see her new show!

About the show

“Tracks” is on now and closes on February 5, 2015. Matted LIC gallery is located at 46-36 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, NY. It can be reached easily via public transportation, located only one subway stop from Grand Central Station and a few blocks from the Vernon Jackson stop on the 7 train; it is only a short walk from the E train stop at Court Square.

About the artist

Rachel Goldsmith works primarily with PLA plastic, water-based paints on canvas or permanent inks on paper. She received her Masters of Art and Design Education Degree from Pratt Institute in 2007 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from The University of Michigan in 2003. Rachel taught middle school Visual Arts in New York City from 2007-2012. In addition to winning several “Best in Show” awards, her work is included in various private collections.


“My artwork is inspired by two sets of contrasts: In my environment, the contrast between man-made and nature; and in materials, the contrast between the control I have over the media and how the media naturally interact with each other. This inspiration manifests itself in my final pieces through contrasts in color, in line, shape and form, and in textures” - Rachel Goldsmith