Our friends at Firebox and LOG-ON were gracious enough to lend us what what has quickly become the Tickle-Me-Elmo of 2015 consumer tech: The BB-8. A rotund, remote-controlled robot that has been rolling off retailers' shelves faster than you can say "C3PO, who?"

Yes, admittedly, we swiped right on the BB-8 as well; but in the 3Doodler galaxy, our criteria for greatness tends to focus as much on what we can do on it, as we can with it.

Once we got our paws on BB-8, we boldly went where no 3Doodler has gone before (Star Trek, I know, sue me), sprinkling 3Doodler magic on this totes-adorbs, mini-marvel of engineering... and with Halloween around the corner, what could be more fitting than masking-up BB-8 so that the whole crew could join the party?

So, without further ado, meet the Rolling Rebel Alliance and its newest member, Frenchie the, um.. BB-Pir8?

To make your very own BB-8 head, you'll need a 3Doodler + plastic strands, a golf ball, masking tape, a small magnet, your imagination, and of course your very own BB-8. Simply follow the step by step guide (trading Leia's buns for whatever else you might fancy).

Once our crack Jedi 3Doodler team had BB-8 sufficiently styled, we kicked him into hyperdrive, navigating a menacing gauntlet of 3Doodled obstacles, including Storm Troopers, mountains, monsters, and yes, even our office dog, Ophelia (filling in as a furry adaptation of an Imperial AT-AT). This is literally cuteness porn, so please proceed with caution.

As you can see the results were varied, but the fun was in full Force. Which leads us to one (undeniably self-serving) conclusion... Only with a little bit of 3Doodler love is this circle truly complete.


I went there.